eFoiling is for Everyone!

eFoils (electric hydrofoil boards or e-foiling) is a new exciting water sport that combines elements from surfing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding & kite boarding along with a feeling of flying above the water! It is easily learned, less time-consuming and doesn’t require specific wind or wave conditions!

eFoiling can be learned by anyone- young or old! No previous experience required.

Most beginners will pick up the minimum skills needed to e-foil in the first 2hr lesson.

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What is an eFoil?

eFoils are electric foil boards powered by batteries & a quiet electric motor. They have a mast with hydrofoil wings, which allow you to rise above the water at faster speeds and “fly” effortlessly above the water.

Manager Chris Moore, says, “I have flown planes, hang gliders, para gliders, kite boarded, and paddle boarded.

The feeling of eFoiling is unlike anything else. The freedom of flying is like paragliding but combined with the forgivingness of water. It is so exhilarating that you will instantly be re-charged, invigorated, & transcended. This feeling is what we refer to when we say, “eProvo Elevates You to New Heights!”

When traveling at slower speeds, the eFoil acts as an electric powered stand-up paddleboard. It is exciting even for those with no board experience.

Having previous experience with kiteboarding, wakeboarding or surfing will accelerate your learning- but is not necessary at all.

Eco Friendly – eFoils are Electric Powered

  • No noise – experience the freedom of being in peace with nature!
  • No smelly fumes or fuel!
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Less impact on the marine ecosystem and a feeling of being connected with nature!
  • Powered by batteries and quiet electric motors.

You Decide Your Learning Pace

eFoil Provo uses their proven teaching methodology to control the power output of the boards to build your progression step-by-step. This allows you to enjoy a gentle progression paced at your own speed.

eFoil Provo starts you out by laying in the prone position on the board to learn how to body surf. You will then progress to riding on your knees. Here is where you begin learning to ‘fly’ above the water by using the underwater wing and foil to elevate you!

From here, you start standing and experience the true feeling of freedom by ‘flying’ above the water!

eFoil boards have masts with hydrofoil wings which allow you to rise above the water at faster speeds. It is amazing fun to do even if you decide to ride in the kneeling position!

Is it Safe?

eFoil Provo makes it safe with our well-thought-out lesson plans and expert instruction. Like all water sports, there are inherent risks. Going out on your own would indeed be dangerous, and therefore we don’t allow rentals and require that you take lessons. Our expert instructors are there to make the experience fun and take out the worries & complications. We include helmets and impact vests/life jackets with each lesson.

eFoil Provo uses Fliteboard brand, which has a handheld throttle control with different power levels. eFoil Provo instructors use the “cruise control” method in our instruction. This means you don’t need to balance the throttle trigger while trying to balance the hydrofoil!

-Instant Off – Our boards are equipped with smart electronic safety systems!

· All of our boards use a magnetic “virtual leash” which stops the board when you fall without dangerous physical leashes.

· Accelerometer constantly measures the board angle. Motor and propeller instantly cut off when you fall.

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