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Provo Experiences are part of a family of “Experiences” creating amazing ways to experience the beautiful waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands

We have gone to great lengths to assemble a team that consists of the most experienced and qualified instructors you will find. We hire people that share our business philosophy of “Taking a Personal Interest in the Success of Each Student”. In addition, we provide extensive training integrated into our business to ensure our instructors are the best and live up to our motto:

“Our Instructors Make the Difference!”

“Our strength is in our Diversity!”

We search the world for a specific team of instructors that are all true water sports experts who share a passion for teaching! We hire a diverse variety of personalities and strengths to ensure we are able to relate to a wide variety of learning styles and abilities.

Provo Experiences – Kite Provo – eFoil Provo & SUP Provo

When you do business with us, be confident that you are getting:

· Our wealth of knowledge of the sports we teach!

· Expert teaching methodology to ensure that you get the best learning experience possible!

· Instructors with years of experience and a true passion for the sport.

· We utilize only the newest and safest equipment

Chris Moore

Baptiste Bourdoulous

Alan Boulais


Elevating You To New Heights!


Chris’ passion for the sport and instruction is second only to his genuine personal interest in the success of his students. This is evident as he operates Kite Provo -the Caribbean’s Premier Kiteboarding School-, SUP Provo, & eFoil Provo.

Chris Moore has been involved in Kiting professionally since 1990. He has been a business owner, professional athlete, entertainer, instructor, kite designer and even helped establish the PASA organization.

His background started as a sport kite competitor/athlete, which took him all over the world. He traveled to 18 different countries and nearly every state. He earned

the title of the USA national champion twice and also competed in pairs and team events at the world’s highest level of international events. His involvement with traction kiting pre-dated today’s modern power kites and kite boarding on the water between 1990-1998!

He started kite boarding in 1999, when he moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to pursue a full-time career in kite boarding. His forward-thinking attitude and kite background had him thinking that kite sports were going to move to the water!  He opened a kite boarding school for a larger existing operation in late 1998.

Immediately, he recognized the need to grow the sport was going to depend on developing successful teaching methods that would ensure success to a wider group of people.  

With this goal in mind, he pioneered the

PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) Kiteboarding Division.

He developed a formal teaching method that was adopted by PASA and has become the official certification system in place today to certify both sport participants and instructors across the nation. Since then, he has certified thousands of instructors from around the world.

His teaching methods are based on the psychology of teaching, laws of remembering, studying dozens of other sport instruction (including aviation,) and applying all of that to very specific steps of learning to eFoil.

Pioneering multiple teaching methods lead him to produce the kiteboarding instructional DVD, The Way to Fly. Thousands of these videos have been used to teach kiteboarders across the globe. As he continued to develop newer methods, he released a newer version of “The Way to Fly” instructional video which was revolutionary at the time.

Chris operated one of the nation’s largest kiteboarding resorts, the Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding Resort from 1999 to 2014. Their waterfront locations are located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Hatteras Island. With his magnetic personality and genuine presence, he forged many relationships in the industry. Chris has taught thousands of people how to kiteboard and hundreds of instructors to teach.

Chris moved to Providenciales in 2014 after been

enchanted with the amazing kiteboarding, Efoiling and SUP conditions available at this jewel of the Caribbean.  Chris states, “The Turks & Caicos islands are perfect for any level of water enthusiast! You can take advantage of some incredible conditions for learning.

Using the same instructional techniques, we have developed two new programs!

Wing Boarding/Foiling

eFoiling – electric powered boards.

“I love teaching and I enjoy sharing information with people! I take a personal interest in the success of every customer and student.”

Baptiste Bourdoulous


  • English
  • French
  • Greek


  • Kite – Beginner to Super Advanced
  • Kite Hydrofoil
  • Strapless or Strapped Surfboard
  • Wing Boarding/Foiling
  • eFoiling – electric powered hydrofoiling

I enjoy eFoiling because it gives me an incredible feeling of freedom and adrenalin rush. I’ve been doing board sports since I was 12 years and have had the chance to travel and compete around the world at some of the best kite destinations.

I enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others. I really enjoy teaching someone who wants to learn. Moving my students through the progression from beginner to the next levels is fulfilling for me too. Learning to eFoil is powerful and I’ve seen this sport changing people’s life for the positive in so many ways.

Every student is different so I make sure to adapt my

lesson plan to each one of them. Once I see them start riding with control and having fun I’m so glad to see some big smiles on their faces! I also love coaching people’s to push their limits too.


The sky is the limit! 


IKO Certified Instructor

Highest Jump on Kite – 27.1 Meter/88.91 feet

Alan Boulais

From: Brittany, France

Speaks: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Years Teaching: 14 years Teaches: Kite – Twintip – Beginner to Super Advanced Kite Hydrofoil Strapless or Strapped Surfboard Wing Boarding/Foiling eFoil Eco Guide for SUP Provo

IKO level 2 certified instructor Sailing and windsurfing instructor PADI advanced open water diver Master in Sports Sciences

Alan comes from a sailing, windsurfing and surfing background. Alan took on kitesurfing in 2001 and more recently has fallen in love with Efoiling. Alan says, “It’s so exciting how you can go from boosting jumps or surfing waves to foiling in the lightest winds. Nearly every day can be a watersports day!”

AIan was born in Brittany, the northwestern point of France and grew up in St Martin- in the Caribbean. This has given him a strong connection with the ocean and led to a life dedicated to traveling and teaching water sports.

I have been instructing sailing and windsurfing for twenty-one years, teaching kiteboarding for fourteen years on five continents and thirteen countries. eFoiling is the most new watersports and is really taking off as anyone can do it!

I enjoy teaching students of all levels, to help them reach their goals by motivating and pushing them through the ups and downs involved in the process. Whether bringing a person who was scared of the water to reach a fully independent level, teaching someone a new trick, a new style of riding such as strapless, hydrofoil or wing foil, I love to see the positive impact it has on people’s life.

Kite Provo is happy to have Alan on our team so we can provide the expertise you have come to expect from Kite Provo!


  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Speaks: English & French Canadian
  • Teaches: Kite – Beginner to Super Advanced
  • Kite Hydrofoil Strapless or Strapped Surfboard
  • Wing Boarding/Foiling
  • eFoiling Eco Guide for SUP Provo

With 15 years of teaching experience he has learned the small details that really make a difference! Mawi has been with the our team for the past 4 years and has been responsible for countless amazing experiences.

Mawi teaches all ages in a safe and fun manner. His experience has taught him how to adapt his teaching style to fit the learning styles of his students.

His experience is only surpassed by his cheerfulness that is contagious! Equally comfortable with twintip teaching, kite hydrofoil, eFoil, & Surfboard style kiteboarding. Kids also love him and gravitate towards his positive outgoing personality. We teach kids 80lbs and more! Mawi adds a strong level of experience, adaptability to all students, high level of kiteboarding, and a positive vibration that elevates us all!

He is also an amazing eco guide for SUP Provo! Mawi can help you experience all our Provo Experiences across our three companies, Kite Provo, SUP Provo, and eFoil Provo!

He speaks English and is a native French Canadian. He is able to teach fluently in both languages.

Michael Fox

  • From: Florida, USA
  • Speaks: English
  • Years Teaching: 10 years
  • Teaches: Kite – Twintip – Beginner to Super Advanced
  • Kite Hydrofoil Strapless or Strapped Surfboard
  • Wing Boarding/Foiling eFoil

PASA Certified Instructor PADI advanced open water diver ASI (Academy of SUP instruction) certified Paddleboarding instructor through WSUPA (World Stand Up Paddleboard Association) Snow and water sports enthusiast Kite and board repair specialist Avid diver, free diver, fisherman and explorer

As a Florida native, I have spent the majority of my life on the ocean. I’ve always been driven towards kite surfing, fishing, diving, free diving, snorkeling, surfing and exploring the water of TCI on my boat. I first learned how to kite board at the age of 12 and have been teaching since 2012.

It’s YOU- the people that I connect with- that inspires me to continue to teach. My learning experience was very memorable and exciting. As an instructor, I strive to instill the same excitement that I felt while learning this adrenalin- filled sport.

When I was learning to kite board 20+ years ago, the kites performed and reacted much differently than today’s kites. It’s been enjoyable to witness and use all the advances in technology as the industry continues to grow.

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